A human body harbors ten times more microbes than human cells. Trillions of microorganisms colonize the surface of human skin, collectively comprising the human skin microbiome. Our understanding of the human microbiome has been expanding exponentially. Dermala Inc., a spinout from the University of California San Diego, utilizes the human microbiome and metabolome to discover and develop novel treatments for chronic skin diseases that are associated with defects - dysbiosis - in the skin microbiome and for which current treatments do not work. Dermala has built a proprietary platform that enables rational design of tailored “smart” therapies. Dermala's product pipeline includes acne, atopic dermatitis, infections of chronic wounds, and other diseases and disorders of the skin. 

Dermala’s microbiome-based therapies will fundamentally transform the way chronic skin diseases are diagnosed, treated and prevented, and improve lives of millions of people around the world.